Thursday, February 01, 2007


Bush's "Sprint to Finish" Portends Hamstrung Capabilities

With two short years left in his enfeebled presidency, George Bush has decided that he will "sprint to the finish" in order to finish off what's left of U.S. treasures. No one knows what his "finish" will be. Is it another line out of his terrorist playbook? Or, could it possibly be some secret, hidden tape of him and Condi sneaking a quickie in his underground bunker?

Some things are certain as Bush attempts to kick it up a notch. For one, our constitution will be assaulted further as he tries to grab more wartime, dictatorial powers ginned up by his actions in the Middle East. But this will probably lead to Bush's pulling up lame somewhere around the thirty-meter mark during his race to imperial glory. A big tumble should follow due to subsequent knee-jerking from crashing into too many hurdles. Then there's always the cinder rash from the burn part of crash-and-burn.

Please pass the Ben-Gay.

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You probably have to tell people about Ben-gay. Who knows what they're thinking. If you're reading this, B-g I think was a cream for arthritis, not sure.
Absolutely correct, Doc. You could also use it as a liniment before you run your track heat even though it doesn't do a damn thing for you. Then, you apply it after pulling up lame to experience that pseudo-soothing effect.

Here's a little lagniappe for your black bag:
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