Friday, February 09, 2007


Bush Recieves Key to Baghdad After Hatchet "Benchmarks" Job

After hacking away at too much of everything -- lives, treasures, time, strategic advantage, good-will, etc. -- George Bush has finally reached his first benchmark in the war on terrorism. He can now claim that the Green Zone is secure. Huzzah!

Because of this long-awaited achievement, the City of Baghdad will present to George a backdoor key to Sadr City! This will fit nicely into the lock to the small closet he and his advisers huddle in to make sure his legacy leaves as a 'victory war President'.

A very nice pay-off, indeed.

And now the American citizenry has been invited to gaze once again on George Bush's Iraqi handiwork, straight from the elbow of the master. This shop class flunky has finally notched a set of way uberdue, ill-defined and unrealistic "benchmarks" that Iraqis will supposedly follow to curry military favors of The Pentagon for militia-of-the-week payouts to pals.

All of this just to form a last chance of any consensus out a dwindled and played out base -- as well as an ass extricating measure.

(On a side note, Bob Gates says that "...we are not planning for a war with Iran." Those college deans can lie with the best of 'em.)

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