Thursday, March 29, 2007


U.S. Military Command? Not Very Commendable

via The Swamp

“It makes no sense for politicians in Washington DC to be dictating arbitrary timelines for military commanders in a war zone 6,000 miles away."
-- George Bush, recently to some Texas cattlemen disgruntled over not getting their fair share of this year's budget pork.

But it does make sense, Mr. Master-and-Commander President Bush, for politicians in Washington DC to be pressuring your hand from less than six miles, right in DC itself, to help you steer a different course so that sub-commanders under you may know when and how to adjust. That is, unless those generals and commanders are the ones with the helm in hand -- sans you, Sir.

Either way, Americans have been ill-served by the more 'elite' commanders that play the toady for you, Master George. Never mind four years of total waste and squandered momentum, if it ever was present at all. The way your top military leadership have behaved during one or another of the various scandals -- as Pat Tillman's, and families of the Walter Reid fiasco attest to -- has been cowardly childish, irresponsible and completely dishonorable.

Has honor been erased from West Point credes? Can our current crop of West Point big-brassers be labelled as 'Neo-South Park Generals'? Has West Point gone totally south and in need of a good flushin' out down ol' Potomac's way?

We have the means. It's time for the civilians to take over.

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But...... Chimpy gots Jesus whispering in his ear! Who needs Congress (or even Generals) when you're getting THAT kind of advice?
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