Friday, March 16, 2007


Sour Jocks, Round 8: Your Face and My Hockey Stick Edition

Where does goony New York Islander Chris Simon get off claiming he's a 'professional' hockey player? Any true player worth his hip pads would easily point to Simon as a phony if only by Simon's atrocious stick handling.

Being a pro means sticking your shot with precision once the decision's made to take it. Simon? Simon missed badly, slightly wounding the Crosstown Rangers' Ryan Hollweg with a weak chin shot instead of one strong -- right in the temple or either orbital to finish off Hollweg as intended.

Hey, Simon. It's back to the frozen catfish farm pond for you, Skater.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Welcome to another round of Sour Jocks.

Sour Jocks Sports Carnival takes your posts on miscreantic millionaires, steroid-induced wife-beating hulks, fathers punching out Little League umpires -- and the like. To enter your posts in future editions of Sour Jocks, do so right below:

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Sour Jocks is looking for hosts, too. To become one, wake up The Hippo and contact him right here where he'll set you up for you to knock 'em down!

Sour Jocks has three categories for your submissions: Sandlot, amateur and professional. Since our first entrant didn't declare his abilities in the recruiting tape sent to our GM, Sour Jocks automatically ships him to -->


Styling baseball as "the liberal hippie sport of choice", gunslinger Wyatt Earp presents Tell Me Again How Baseball Isn't Corrupt? posted at Support Your Local Gunfighter, saying, "It's snarky, but I think it's appropriate."

Sheriff, it may be appropriate. But is it okay to corral these same pot-smoking hippies in with baseball-loving George Bush.



David Culpepper presents Pete Rose Bet on Reds Every Night posted at

Wow! We first get arguments about Pete Rose from Sheriff Earp of above. Now Culpepper. Is Dante's Inferno as is today's professional baseball as our entrants claim? For answers, stay tuned to Sour Jocks as the season heats up this summer.

Folks, that's all. Thanks for your participation.

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