Thursday, March 01, 2007


Sour Jocks, Round 7: Evander Holyfinone Brand Steroid Edition

Anibolitol, Shot-and-Discinate, Pugilistinone, Balconol, Bicyclic Acid, Sprintinol. And now, Evander-Holyfinone.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Welcome to another round of Sour Jocks.

Sour Jocks Sports Carnival takes your posts on miscreantic millionaires, steroid-induced wife-beaters, fathers punching out Little League umpires -- and the like. To enter your posts in future editions of Sour Jocks, do so right below:

Blog Carnival submission form - sour jocks

Sour Jocks is looking for hosts, too. To become one, wake up The Hippo and contact him right here where he'll set you up for you to knock 'em down!

Sour Jocks has three categories for your submissions: Sandlot, amateur and professional.


Seeing that no one wants to take a swing in our sandlot league -- or amateur one, for that matter -- Abe Linkum lays down a quick bunt about a smooth hitter close to home in Akron Okay with Student/Coach Underage Sex!


Carlos Figueroa
presents 23! posted at Kick Ass Offense.

If that isn't ever "'23 Skidoo!", then I don't know what qualifies.

A real fan favorite here at Abe Linkum because he has provided about the only degree of legitimacy to this blog, Jon Swift presents Tim Hardaway Makes Homophobia Look Bad posted at Jon Swift, saying, "I don't want to hear what athletes think of the War in Iraq, global warming, nuclear proliferation or gay rights. To tell you the truth, I don't even want to hear what they have to say about sports, either, but sportscasters insist on interviewing them."

Jon, I know there's a "Penny" Hardaway from the NBA. Maybe Tim is really "Puny" Hardaway which could give him a complex rare among men with similar racial makeup as his.

Ted Reimers presents Gonzaga Drug Problems posted at CampusGrotto, saying, "A basketball town with a drug problem? or a Drug town with a basketball problem? Top College Basketball star ruins career because of drugs."

Mr. Reimers, are they still licking hallucinogen-secreting toads in your neck of Washington's woods?

Folks, that's all. Thanks for your participation.

Blog Carnival archive - sour jocks

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Found this great site with lots of weekly comps, any anyone can easily join. :)

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