Monday, March 19, 2007


Cirque de Critique, Act XI: The Bombing of Bush's Baghdaddy of a Blitzkrieg Edition

All that I can say after four years of widening Middle East carnage and misery is that I'm one-hundred percent shocked and awed by our president's ability for stability in Baghdad and beyond. Thank you, Mr. President Bush. And thanks for your honesty in all matters with and before the American people.

Anyone for "4 More Years!"? How about: "Kiss my ex-Republican ass, Georgie, you smarmy SOB sack-o-shit!"

Strong language and action to follow.

Lights. Ballast. Action! Welcome to another edition of Cirque de Critique.

Cir de Cri's the big blog carnival tent that takes all as long as those taken take on others trying to take them. If you'd like to submit your critical posts in a future edition, please do so right below:

Blog Carnival submission form - cirque de critique

Cirque's looking for future hosts, too. Become a ringmaster! Contact The Hippo right here and ask.

Each act of Cir de Cri has three scenes or rings, if you will: All-for-Free, For-All-Free, and the vaunted Free-for-All.


Briefly emerging from her closet of shyness is TherapyDoc who presents Popularity posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, saying, "What do I do about this burning desire to ignore the person on my right, or worse yet, roast the one to my left? Why or why did my parents do this to me, make me feel guilty for NOT being nice. What were they thinking?"

Dear TherapyDoc: Will I start harboring latent pangs of guilt over now not being popular with President Bush? Please help.

Due to future out-of-control spirals of oil prices, Cir de Cri's 'All-for-Free' category has been substituted by just plain nothingness for this edition.


Speaking of closeted and coming out, and proving that Ann Coulter has become the new C-PAC Shakur, Cir de Cri fans will go away from our next entry getting a good grasp of 'gay grammar' when Zimzo gives a heads up so you can C-PAC your ass off in Resolved: It's ok to call John Edwards a faggot posted at novatownhall blog, saying, "As interesting for the comments as the post itself (if not moreso)."

Okay, I get the whole C-PAC/Coulter argument that 'faggot' is just some sort of playground rhetorical device. In that case, blow it out your hole you bunch of C-pocked faggots!

So much for statesmanship.

Folks, that's all. And thanks to all for participating.

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