Monday, March 12, 2007


Cadets Cede Council to 'Coup for Christ' Crusaders

In a bold move by a minority group of West Point cadets eager to kiss ass of those they wish to step on while trying to climb higher to kiss at least one more -- and what was characterized as another example toward privatization of the military, with the expected blurring of public, pulpit, political and private monies as is found in most other faith-based initiatives the Bush administration promised would deliver the goods -- the West Point Chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ, an organization whose group picture dominates the extracurricular section of this year's yearbook, has taken over West Point's student council in a convert operation that commenced with the words "Code Bled".

They supposedly took their commission for this successful infiltration from somewhere within the pentacostic halls of the Pentagon. The action was trumpeted by Bush military-industrial mouthpiece and another example of public, private and pulpit funds, Salem Radio/, in that:

1. Public. The military provides a lot of ad revenue for Salem Radio, and Salem has to be the biggest shill for the latest weapons systems like our misdirected anti-missile system that has at best a weak performance record with results similar to the old analog days of system modelling via pen-and-ink tracings.

Ker-Pow! Blast that Bogey!

2. Private. Isn't Salem Radio Network a publicly-traded corporation that hawks its shares to individuals or groups looking to build private equity, such as tax-exempt organizations like megachurch phonies and other right-winged nuthouses that pump up the insanity.

3. Pulpit. All ye good men employed by the church -- turn your wages and tax-advantaged pension plans into shares of Salem Radio stock. Just a little sound financial advice from above if you don't want to be viewed as an unpatriotic traitor going to hell.

Sorry for getting half-tracked. The point is that we need to defiltrate these privatization movements cohabiting within our most vital public services since they've proven completely ineffective, no matter how much the underlings have prayed for their success.

Speaking of Christomatic government, did anybody see where the military is willing to pay a $2,000 per head bounty to veterans for recruiting of another's signature, and life, to the military's dotted line. Now that's moral, especially for a force that does Bush and Cheney's oil buddies' bloody business.

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