Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Take a Fantasy 'Cheney Recon Weekend'!

Abe Linkum cordially invites the remaining twenty-seven percent of Americans still lapping up the Middle Eastern course dished out by BushCo without finishing off the entire stock of bromides to retrace Dick Cheney's recent historic steps through Pak-Afghanistan by taking an exciting, Fantasy Talibani Recon Weekend!

It's here where you'll finally, after all of that pent up deferment, experience the thrills of actual military reconnaissance after we first provide you with an excellent breakfast and then as a high-level target to crazed tribesmen by air-dropping you into the Khyber Pass in a T-shirt that says Moo-ham-ed Can Go Eat Qud!. Our technique allows you to one-up the VeePee since you'll flush out Talibani faster than Dick would a Texas lawyer in the wilds of Wyoming.

Do your duty and sign up today!

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