Thursday, February 22, 2007


Bush's Importance on Being Delusional

via The Plain Dealer

How increasingly isolated our president must be to exhibit the recent spate of delusional behaviors eminating from his high seat somewhere in a bunker built lower than the one just built to house his stool. George the Grand, giving the U.S. grand mal siezures by his processes and deliverences since 2001.

Rudy Giuliani must have really set off Bush's penchant for princely permutations when he compared the President to Honest Abe, the Rail Splitter. First of all, clearin' Texas tumbleweeds ain't splittin' rails in In-dee-an-ee -- or Kentucky or Illinois, for that matter.

Heck, some Lincoln cabinet members even referred to Abe as "the original ape". Maybe we need to think of Bush as 'the original chimp'.

Then came the delusion to 'the original George W.' -- you know, the cherry-pickin' W now long deceased with a D.C. after his name -- in some sort of weird, reducted Washington whitewash.

Now comes the delusive character Bush's newest, messaged machination that Britain's troop pull-out is a sure sign of his policy's success in Iraq. What, now Pyrrhus?

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I can hardly wait to declare himself a reincarnation of Christ. It's about the only step he hasn't taken yet.
Er, I can hardly wait FOR HIM to declare.... too late to be commenting, methinks.
That's soon to follow, J-Rog. He'll get together with Dick and Pastor Hagee to coronate The Prince as he brings about the Apocalypse and Rapture in a satisfying self-ending to his legsacy.
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