Friday, December 01, 2006


Sour Jocks: Round 5

Ding! Ding! Ding! Another round of Sour Jocks starts out with flurries!

Sour Jocks Sports Carnival takes your posts on miscreantic millionaires, steroid-induced wife-beaters, fathers punching out Little League umpires -- and the like. If you'd like to enter your posts on these punks in future editions of Sour Jocks, please do so immediately below:

Blog Carnival submission form - sour jocks

Sour Jocks is always looking for hosts, too. To become one, wake up The Hippo and contact him right here where he'll set you up for you to knock them down!

Sour Jocks has three categories for your submissions: Sandlot, amateur and professional.


Abe's going to start off with a hometown boy out of Michigan and one of Cleveland's great sandlot professionals getting the big bucks, Braylon Edwards, Cleveland Browns wide-out and right-out-of-hands-and-into-opponents' playuh. Braylon's so damn good at dropping passes, especially in the end-zone, that he has time to diss teammates and play hard nose with them instead of those faced on the scrimmage line.

This overpaid, rookie jerk went face-to-face -- but behind back in the media -- with Browns safety Brian Russell, accusing him of hitting Cincinnati receiver Chad Johnson too hard. Oh, boo hoo! You wouldn't want to mess up those nice clean pants after you shit them, would ya Braylon? Go get another manicure, doofuss.


Andrew Sasinowski presents Mid-American Baseball League posted at Eastern Baseball League, saying, "Fictional Baseball Fun!"

I'll admit it's fun looking back at the 1900 Mid-American League season to reminisce on the great ones, Leopoldo and Hernandez, right after they came over as scouts for Gen. Pershing. And who could forget the grudge games between Manhattan and Savannah?


Here, Mr. Hunter has the idea of what Sour Jocks is about. Starling David Hunter presents End It Like Beckham at a fine weblog called The Business of America is Business.

Mr. Hunter provides Sour Jocks fans a good analysis of Major League Soccer's new "competition" strategy, its marketing implications and a foretell of things to come -- with 'minor' stealing a victory over 'Major'.

That's all for now. Thanks to all for participating in blogdom's most angled look at the sporting world, Sour Jocks. Don't miss Round 6. No ticket stub required!

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