Saturday, December 16, 2006


Daddy Cafaro 'Unsupportive' of Capri in Family's Business


The county commissioners of Trumbull County, Ohio -- who apparently are bought by Big Daddy Cafaro, a Youngstown, Ohio multi-zillion dollar concrete mixer -- have announced that Capri Cafaro, who was briefly between multiple attempts at carpetbagging, "resigned" her commission as member -- no doubt prominent -- of the county's Seniors Citizens Advisory Council.

What happened to good-ole-fashioned nepotism, Big Daddy? Why must you thrust your mediocre offspring toward the public trough to suck off of it even though your wad's big enough to support her by yourself? Or is it just an offshoot of your business as usual? Then again, if Trumbullonians-- this time including Capri -- are too stupid to realize that things are a little slow at your county's "seniors citizens" hall, then congratulations, y'all deserve it all.

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