Thursday, November 30, 2006


Stanky Exudate Increases from Cafaro's Ohio Senate Seat!

Citizen voters of Ohio's 32nd senatorial district, how well do you feel represented today as you wake up to the fact that Ohio's Democratic leaders installed -- just for you, Marc Dann and her daddy's sake -- the biggest Ohio carpetbagging hussy that hasn't even had the experience of crossing either the Mississippi or Mason-Dixon Line? (Except for the brief flyover to Stanford.)

Twenty-nine year old Capri Cafaro, progeny of a bad concrete mix, has finally found her very temporary home as an Ohio state senator in a district that draws no distinction in her memory that's just beginning to mature -- for only her P.O. box resides in it. Prior to her 'appointment', 'Capa', as she will soon be made di tutti sweet, already was handed sound defeats at the polls twice in a quick span of two years and the much longer distance of three separate election districts! The deluxe model of carpetbag carried by Capa looks capable of taking such rigorous statewide travel. No Samsonite for her class.

However, her long-term chances don't look so sturdy -- regardless of how much money daddy doles out in an attempt to set her pampered ass on seats of power -- since she has trended steadily downward on her political path from the start. Given that she's so young, one could start scoring those fathoms:

After working as a D.C. senate staffer gophering Starbucks, Capa moved from daddy's lap in Mahoning County and rented her first P.O. box in Lake County so she could get pummeled by Steve Latourette in her 2004 general election bid for the 109th District. From there, Capa aimed west and more lowly, renting another P.O. box somewhere in Lorain County in order to lose in the Democratic primary to Betty Sutton -- who thankfully won and went on to defeat the Republican challenger in the 13th district just a few weeks ago.

Now, and apparently cemented as one could be coming from such a bad batch, Capa has turned east and taken yet another P.O. box -- this one in Ashtabula County and right off its pier -- from which to lose her new found state appointment representing the fine people of Ohio's 32nd district at her term's end.

From there she will lose and lose again at the polls. With this cycle, Capa may soon look southwest at the Killbuck Building Inspector's post -- that is if daddy can get her 'appointed'. The statewide hauling of the carpetbags? Watch out for her developing big ass from the heavy lifting! And all the P.O. boxes? You would think daddy could spring for more permanent housing for his little 'Capa', being in the concrete business and all.

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