Sunday, December 10, 2006


Cirque de Critique: Act IV

... and throw that Iraq Study Report in with the other wads for The Human Ballistic Cannon Ball shot! Stat! Lights, ballast, action!

Laden and gentry, Act IV of Cir de Cri starts now!

Cir de Cri is the big tent that takes all as long as those taken take on others trying to take them. We're looking for ringmasters to host future editions, so contact The Hippo right here to run the circus. And more importantly, submit your critical posts to Cir de Cri on the icon right below:

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Cir de Cri has three categories for your submissions: All-for-Free, For-All-Free and the vaunted Free-for-All!


Taking the 'Doge-matic', amoral approach in an attempt to solve the Iraq disaster is Obadiah Shoher who sends Danny Simkin to present to Cir de Cri fans: Samson Blinded - A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict. Ending the civil war creates the Shiite axis posted at Samson Blinded.

Mr. Shoher asks those looking to be shorn of any bit of humanity left in them: "Who cares" about "4,000" Iraqis "killed" last November? (Being a man of numbers, I'll lowball Shoher's minimalist corporal mien up to around 12,205 -- give or take eleven-hundred.) He also claims that "the slaughter is not the US's business" and Iraq must be "punished accordingly", past, present and future, for not making more of it for "US".

Shoher's floury view of the "current situation" in Iraq takes florid form when he sees "benefits" arising from civil war since more "lives and money" would be lost and violence could reach a higher "Muslim standard", with Baghdad becoming 'a bane magnet'.

In leaving, Shoher gives the reader a funny aside about some US soldier not worth it -- whatever "it" means. I think I'll poke out Shoher's other two eyeballs. Nyuck! Nyuck!

(P.S. -- Don't miss Samson's sidebar featuring a blog called The Republican Attack Squad where the authors wear silly masks to hide in and their mission statement is: 'The reason "they" hate us.' I am not making this up! These cats get consigned to Cirque's Freak Show.)


As always fitting, in our center ring is Ion Zwitter, Managing Editor of Avant News, presenting 3rd Iraq Study Group Report Calls for Iterative –Izations posted at Avant News. Here, Mr. Zwitter demonstrates the recurrent loopiness that happens when today's statesmen sit down to document their next path to permatize war's permutations so they can continue its, and their, relevancy for decades to come.

I can't wait.


In Cirque's vaunted Free-for-All, Dr Kavokin presents Insurance Expert Discusses Health Care Crisis. Sort of. posted at RDoctor Medical Portal.

I sort of wonder if I need health insurance to cover the Russian eye-chart exam since Dr. Kavokin writes: "I’ve long maintained that employer-based health insurance is, in a word, stupid. There’s only one overarching benefit to group insurance at this time: guaranteed issue of coverage (coupled with portability)(so I guess that’s two benefits, sorry)."

Don't be sorry, be happy! There used to be portable guaranteed life insurance in some pension plans, too. So, does financial health equate with the physical? And, is there still future opportunities in corner apple stands?

As our curtain drops quickly, thanks to all for your participation.

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