Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Bush to Bus Battalions from Biergarten to Baghdad

So much for NATO. George Bush has again decided to act alone, futher isolating his administration from the American people and past allies, in a futile attempt to extricate the sling from his ass with at least one last Iraqi surge lasting anywhere from three months to three decades. All of this just to retire him with a victory tour similar to last week's fairyland White House send-off for his buddy-in-arm-in-arms, Rumsfeld The Dodderer.

To surge enough to smooth his basest base of theomilitarians and right-winged evangelicals, Bush'll have to gather enough surge material from somewhere. That somewhere? Germany.

Germany's the perfect place to shuffle troops from since we haven't any more friends in that region -- just ask the Poles, one of our closest, quickly exiting 'coalition partners' in Iraq. Heck, who needs Europe when Bush has the most robust U.S. generals that his narrow ideology provides for his dictates.

By using troops from Germany for the so-called surge, Bush can immediately attenuate his army's supply lines and leave it even more strung out than before. This move would finally prove Bush's inherent lack of strategic command, both of his army and as the supposed leader of the free world. This would also suitably fit his style as a non-supplier.

Luckily, Bush's surge is only a temporary matter -- a stop-gap, if you will -- before he finds 70,000 more dupes to serve him.

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