Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Abusing Churchill

One of America's leading jingoists and right wing talk show host for SRN/, Hugh Hewitt, is in all of his misread historical finery this Christmas season of peace as he shills for more of Bush's Iraqi slaughter fest with a weak attempt at comparing the Iraq Study Group's report with the appeasement stance of the Allies prior to Germany's invasion of Poland. Hewitt calls the Baker Commission's report "the appeasement report" and claims that by taking up its recommendations, the spectre of Neville Chamberlain will forever hang over D.C.

Hewitt, who's quickly classing himself into the elites of American right wing gangster intellectualism, unfortunately utilizes backward facts in his quest to reach out to his jingoistic listenership, an audience that's keenly tuned and inured to his monotonic, militaristic drumbeat. So, let's take a peak at Hewitt's highly diffracted view of world history and how he relates it to the Middle East.

At the time of the Munich Conference in 1938, Hitler hadn't invaded any territory with force of arms. The Rhineland 'reoccupation' in 1936 was pulled off without shots being fired. At present, the United States has been the occupier of Iraq for over three years, with many shots fired before the supposed "appeasement" stance of the Baker Commission. It's difficult to conclude that an occupier can magically turn appeaser, Mr. Hewitt.

Hitler's military-industrial war machine was going full steam by 1938, and with it, was taking a threatening posture toward its neighbors to the east along the Danzig Corridor and the Sudetenland. In 2006, not only has Bush threatened non-neighbors, but has wrought full-scale war against them based on trumped-up intelligence that fit his purpose. Only this time the threatened aren't looking to appease Mr. Bush too soon even though they don't have the military-industrial machine that Bush currently implements against them without avail. Sorry Hughie, you're wrong on this point too.

However, there's one similarity of today's situation in the Middle East compared with Eastern Europe prior to Poland's invasion by Germany. That is, Germany's use of plebiscites in Austria and the Sudetenland to set up rump roasting governments. My guess is that Iraq's government is nigh charred at this point, with appeasements to Bush by those people nary impossible at this juncture.

Hey Hewitt, the attacker can't be the appeaser, ya pencil-necked blockhead.

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