Monday, November 13, 2006


'Robust Nuance': The New GOP Playbook

Josh Bolten, sidekick for the Bush/Cheney ventriloquism act, was on ABC's This Week last week explaining the GOP strategy for limiting success both here and abroad. Bolton, with a more pursed-lipped approach than the side-of-mouth technique of his string pullers, continued the persistent babel one would expect from a crew that's attempting to salvage a sinking presidency in a bid to regain a dialogue, in any direction, by a "robust" and "nuanced" approach.

By bringing in this new 'robust nuance' era, the Bush team believes they can scramble enough to pick up their sticks after splintering mightily mid-term -- with the split being the casting away of perceived evils like moderate Republicans by the hard, self-righteous right that's represented by such propaganda sprites as SRN/ and multi-megadollar churches who's altar calls have become the call for the offering instead of ministry. (Could this be a peculiarly Republican means of worship?)

Bush and Cheney's thinking, mouthed by Bolten, is that by hopefully being once again thought of as "robust", they can somehow be reborn on their right. And by trying to give the impression that they're "nuanced" by using the word in speech, they will be seen so by fed-up moderates.

Thus 'robust nuance'.

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