Sunday, October 15, 2006


Sour Jocks - Round 3

Ding! Ding! Ding! Round 3 of Sour Jocks Sports Carnival starts off like Round 2, with one jab thrown by our one fighter amid a timely college football 'event' just prior to the round's opening bell, relieving the host from digging hard for other examples of what makes some jocks too sour to wear and earn acceptance into the bottom of the Team Room's hamper - seeing that Sour Jocks is an expansion team, and all.

The next edition of Sour Jocks is on Sunday, Nov. 1. If you want to send in your posts and get linked or host and get even more so, then click right below -

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To start and end with this round's post, Brian, over at the concesssion stand, is serving up more cheeZeburgers, but doesn't expect to get paid - even on Tuesdays at which posted, saying, "Thanks for the mention last time!" Brian, don't mention it. How about hosting to get your Technorati count up a bit. Oh, and a bit more pepper on that burger next round.

Thanks, and that's all except for last night's head-stompin', swamp-creatur'd soiree in Florida between Fl.Int, a team true to Abe's heart, and Miami, who perennially have put the 'Pro' in Cro-Magnon for behavior on and off playing fields. Kudos to both teams on your exposure!

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