Monday, October 30, 2006


Hollywood Halloween Embryonic Scarefest!

Just in time for Halloween -- Schwarzenegger and Spielberg have teamed to produce Pixar's new, animated sci-fi kids flic titled Arnold Throws a Party for Embryonic Stem Cells in Wonderland! -- where embryonic stem cells fail to cure Ann Coulter's atmocephalosis but morph into a new, super-cellular race dubbed the Uberblasts Uber Allantoics.

The Ubers then set out to dominate the world by luring humanity with radio-isotopic markers that dangle and wiggle from Uber foreheads. Once mesmerized, the humans are forced to perform menial tasks like filing class-action lawsuits on behalf of lipids claiming underrepresentation in The Diet of Atkins!

The critics agree:

"It's insane! It's just the type of drama that will last through generations of Halloween teen moviegoers, especially at today's birthrate!", raves Roadshepherd at The Daily Surveyor where they get the flock there.

"My Three Thumbs Up!" -- Ernie MacMurray, ex-Editor of E-News Mutant Journals

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