Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Gov. Strickland's Chain Gets a 'Pullins'

A fellow Clevelander's weblog, Brewed Fresh Daily, asks the question How Low Are We Gonna Go? This query references the recurrent political tactics of extreme religious righties -- in particular, Ken Blackwell.

Mathematically, an easy expression representing the religious right's depths of Luciferian politick can be easily delivered:

f(t) = -1/t^4, where f(0)= the eve of elections

In other words, infinitely low with one hell of an accelerated path!

The newest poltergeistic paver of Ohio's political highway to hell is some crank named Pullins, a guy who once passed a bar and currently stops at nothing. Basically, Pullins is a bag for the radical religious right, who obviously rectify their end -- monetary, for glory sakes -- with any obscene mean available. Pullins is pulling the religious right's base's chain for the powers that are in order to line up the last malbeliever for election day dues.

They're obviously entitled to such political action, for to be so supremely right, they must be afforded this final and lone titillation as they quickly journey down the loser's road. Trespasses forgiven.

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