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Cirque de Critique - Act I

Lights. Ballast. Action! The curtain rises on another act of Cirque de Critique. Cir de Cri is the big tent that takes all sides as long as those taken take-on others that try to take them!

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So, enough of the barker bit. First, The Hippo, who was suppose to host Act I, was shot by a poacher last week and is slow to recuperate. Sincere appreciations must go to Robert Mugabe for The Hippo's downfall.

Cir de Cri has three classifications for posts -- one for each ring:


It looks like a real donniebrook is forming over the River Ribble. The questions facing Ribblers is one of high and low tide -- plus the impact of man's recreational needs versus survival needs of other species in the watershed. So, belly up at the pub with Riversider who presents Riverworks - Pub Debate Primer posted at Save The Ribble!, saying, "The 'Save The Ribble' campaign have put together this 'pub debate primer' to arm pro-river Ribble activists with well-informed ripostes to every anti-river argument - we can venture into any pub in Lancashire, ready to answer the acolytes of the Riverworks 'Cult of Concrete'." Abe wishes to share a few pints with Riversider.

There may be some argument with Abe over our next entrant's post that discounts a report out of China claiming women are grumpier in the morning than men. All are invited to delve into this mystery with Hueina Su at Echoes of Cold Moon where she posts Miss Morning Grumpiness, saying, "It's official: recent study proved that women are grumpier than men in the morning! Beware Miss Morning Grumpiness!!!" Hueina: Abe Linkum thanks you for your bright outlook!


Abe is extremely impressed that John at Hell's Handmaiden is able to receive any sort of cogent reasoning from blogs that are for Bush given this point in the election cycle. But John did -- and from a fairly prominent blogger at that!. John receives some simplistic arguments from Mark Noonan and gives it back to The Nooner fast and furious at hell’s handmaiden » Blog Archive » A reply to Mark Noonan, saying, "Hello. I've caught BlogsForBush's Mark Noonan's attention a time or two. This post represents one of those times." John, you have to move fast because GOP attention spans atrophy if they get close to the truth.


Quantum metaphysics are in play at Wa Salaam where Abu Sahajj presents Reflection in Nature. Mr. Sahajj thinks we should look to the moon and be rested and solaced by its suppressed reflection. And that if humans would take time to reflect before acting, our rashness could be suppressed. Sounds good to Abe. However, his infinite density may proclude him from such wisdom at times.

Avant News, as presciently as ever, reports that President Clinton "is happy to inform Americans" that we can "sleep easier in our beds" in 2009 due to the fact that President Clinton Jails 938,000 Illegal Enemy Combatants. Thankfully, Abe recently switched his party affiliation to 'none' and won't be part of Clinton's future culling of those pachydermally persuaded.

As in all Cirques, the best act is saved for last and just before the fat lady. The best is what we have for you with Jon Swift. Jon shows us how low the Democrats go to retrieve more power, and rightly takes Karl Rove's advice mouthed by George Bush at Stay the Course: Another Democrat Dirty Trick, saying, "I certainly don't remember the President ever saying anything about "stay the course" being the strategy in Iraq so I suspected that this was another Democrat dirty trick." Geez Jon, I don't think George can remember, either.

Well, that concludes Act I. Its success was based on your patronage. Thanks once again. See everyone next time during Act II under Cirque de Critique's big top!

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