Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Bush "Flexibility" Program Brings Stiff Neck

After less than two weeks of "staying the course" -- which led to the deployment of President Bush as a shootin' hall target in the guise of an energized bunny that Democrats could take potshots at while it ran in the track the GOP laid for the run-up to November's election -- GOP strategists have decided to abort the plan mid-term on the right side of their road, suddenly becoming more "flexible". Predictably, this lurch into unknown ranges of GOP motions have given Bush a stiffer neck than already experienced by his followers.

But don't be misled by the GOP's new exercise infomercial. Bush's new workout for the American people is more of the same -- at least until he gets his hard ass out of The Oval Office. Except, now his team is supposedly flexible, adaptin' and stayin' the mission.

Right! It's that same 'mission' which is increasingly nebulous in direction and was "accomplished" three years, hundreds of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives ago. I'm waiting for Bush's workout video to show up at a yard sale before I buy.

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