Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Blackwell's 'Townhall' Ill of Blacks

Ohio's Round Headed round-up continues tonight just south of Cleveland when Ken "I'm Morally Superior to All Except Rod Parsley" Blackwell rides into and whisks out of an Independence, OH steakhouse on the slanted backs of SRN/ buddies Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt at's Political Roadshow - Day 5. Blackwell will be seen as the only person of color by and at the gathering.

The trio are attempting to effect a juncture with Cuyahoga County's voting victims after the crash-carts have already left the scene somewhere around the I-77/480 cloverleaf. It's the one that's just off the steakhouse; the one that will broom them along shortly after tonight's biblical study in political buffoonery and can supposedly benefit from Blackwell's rebirthing of highway skullduggery.

But nothing to heed, all you fair and somewhat balanced Cuyahogans, for only their choir will attend -- a choir that risks severe diminution for eternal preaching of "our way or the highway". Such punity is now easily evidenced by their tour into other towns' halls -- and the trail of losers left behind.

It's a highwayman's rogues list. Just prior, in PA, Prager and Hewitt left Rick Santorum (R-PA), a future landslide loser and as cranially capped as Cromwell, as road-wound on I-76 just outside of Philly. They didn't even have the guts to turn around and finish him off. Tonight it's Townhall with Cuyahoga Ken and His Statehouse of Gloom with Ken finally coming to terms without any in his terminal political episode.

And so they go. It's said it could soon be Michelle Bachman's turn to overdrive the bus on I-94, up in Minnesota's way. The bus underthrow by the voters will occur faster for it if she takes it.

Townhall's choir's losing their bass -- if they ever had any.

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