Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Abe's Obscure But Sure Pigskin Predictions - Week 6

This Saturday brings three great Div. I games that, with justification, nobody knows or cares about. However, you can still bet on them. If you take The Hippo's advice and lay it down as suggested, the spread will have fed your wallet.

(Homies in caps)

BUFFALO loses to Ball State by less than six. Bisonal kicks through bifurcations prove enough giving Lake Ontario's answer to Lake Erie's Oberlin Yeomen a hard fought two-pointed defeat.

Not only does Connecticut soak up SOUTH FLORIDA's 6 1/2 point superiority complex, but takes to The Juice, murdering The Bulls by slashing run play. Conn jobs the Bulls' scrap, 24-7.

Fl.Int. finally flakes-out from losing five close ones. Seeing a three point margin as too much to overcome, they also take Juice's cue and flee from NORTH TEXAS with some guy named Al who turns out to be Fl.Int.'s last fan. South Okies 27, Fl.Int. 13.

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