Friday, September 22, 2006


Ahmadinejad Claims European 'Soft Spot'

Attempting to assuage appeasing western nations before time is called again at the U.N. in favor of Iran's nuke network, and with European geopolitik foremost in his turban filler, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today disclosed that he has a small piece of presbyter that inhabits his heart.

In fact, it's Scottish presbyter. Per Mahmoud, "Europe needn't worry on Iran's increased capacity for range, accuracy and payload since distant blood ties still bind according to ancient tribal customs that we stridently adhere to today in Iran!"

It turns out that Ahmadinejad's Klan-like "blood" line is bound by something altogether different since 'Mahmoud' gaelically translates to 'MacMud' - or 'Son of Mud' if you must.

Dust to dust, or Goetterdaemmerung?

cc: Anti-Semitism, Atlas Shrugs, Blue Star Chronicles, Dr. Sanity, Regime Change Iran

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