Sunday, March 18, 2007


'Bongs for Christ' Unites Enemy Wings

A paring of odds, from nanomic to the mere micromic, of coming to agreement on any point of law was recently hacked out by the left-winged ACLU and right-winged ACLJ over a First Amendment clash with the Bush administration regarding whether a student has the right to display religiously-themed banners such as "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" in the background of sporting events to attract attention of sportscasting directors. (John 3:16 and a bad hair day gets you ringside seats, however.)

From this strange union of alphabetically-close-but-oh-so-distant jurists' rackets has arisen a new hybrid organization called the ACLI, or American Civil Liberties Incorcorated, a para-for-profit entity regulated under the Uniform Tax Code and allowed under Section 503(c)-M, a sub-clause recently pasted into the books via Karl Rove's secret signing statement.

Due to the extreme nature of research that went into the entry above, Cirque de Critique Blog Carnival, which was supposed to be posted here today, is postponed until tomorrow.

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