Monday, February 05, 2007


Military Brass Finally Tells Truth Around Four Things!

Those things? Choppers. Materiel.

From Pat Tillman til Iraq's recent roto-routers, The Pentagon can't tell a straight story. Why do our vaunted brass act today so cowardly? Can't they stand up like men and take consequences or heat? Maybe it's that they've been operating from too long of range for too long of time and that all taken Bush's oath of fealty.

This latest admission by the military that insurgents in fact can shoot down our helicopters is a rarity of candor issueing within The Pentagon and deals mainly with materiel and micro-tactics. Knowing this administration and its over all lackeyness, it'll be its last.

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They had to admit it, or howling would have started about how unsafe the equipment was.

It's certainly a disturbing new skill the opposition has learned.
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