Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Cafaro Stars in "Lady of the Knights of Lordstown Big Labor"!

Beep, beep. I'm in a rush to buy tickets to newly minted and appointed, State Sen. Capri "Cappi" Cafaro's production of auto industry state giveaways. Her rookie stage act looks to further clean out the hemorrhagic American auto industry of any remaining competitiveness, at least in her district, by asking that the state look the other way as GM reneges on a $36.6 million credit commitment to Ohio's lawyer-beleaguered Bureau of Workers Compostation.

The theory behind the giveaway seems that Ohio's forgiveness of GM's obligation to back self-insured injury claims would go far to help Ohioans forget that future claims aren't the real reason for GM's slide, and that fiscal throw-aways to irresponsible auto corporations apparently provides the desired placebo effect for Ohio's auto workers as thoughts of Lordstown plant closure race and pain from real injuries ache -- just like in Lorain. Go ahead, rub it in.

This should not surpise any one. In the past couple of years -- and as Cappi was traipsing about Ohio in search of a temporary home to lay her carpeted bags a spell, finally landing with a thud somewhere in Lorain County with a smashing defeat at the hands of her Democratic primary opponent, Betty Sutton -- Ohioans were treated to a number of peculiar, half-hour political adse starring Cappi and some bad actors from Lorain and Youngstown that were obviously paid minimum union wages. The ad was for 'the future of families' or some other such nonsense and was all very cheesy with a queue of 'townsmen' with satiny, Local 5842 jackets at the mike to fire pre-programmed queries at Cappi to start her renditions of pre-programmed responses.

It was all very bad and surely led to her appointment to Ohio's state senate. It also seemingly makes Cappi a great candidate for the US Senate since, as the current Ohio Democratic propaganda states, Cappi's not influenced by laborious interest groups due to her heiriness. She's a rich, young, up-n-comer who can't be bought!

She has made it. For me, I'm going across county lines to the mattress sale at her daddy's Youngstown mall since there's a big surplus from nobody buyin'. No jobs.

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