Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Cafaro "Not Comfortable" with "Specifics" of Ohio School Funding


Demonstrating that she's on top of the big problems facing Ohio with the fresh, young perspective expected after her highly anticipated, bought-and-paid-for senatorial debut, State Senator Capri Cafaro said she's "not comfortable" discussing specifics on the matter of school funding but offered a suggestion to curtail Medicaid funding, some no doubt to Trumbull County senior citizens who were previously under Cafaro's advisement, to help defray the cost of babysitting Ohio's schoolkids.

In the same press release, Sen. Cafaro did seem to be more in her element when she expressed an aptitude for handling Trumbell and Ashtabula County septic system issues. Be assured that Abe Linkum will keep all informed as to how it all comes out.

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