Sunday, January 14, 2007


Oden Volunteers Comic Relief In and On Game Briefs

via Bill Livingston @ The Plain Dealer

After giving a stand-up performance against Tennessee while playing just one-handed to gain fifty-something rebounds, Greg Oden, Hoosiers-wanted-him-to-be and budding Buckeye stand-up comic, volunteered some locker room humor in response to futile, Tennessee attempts at hacking at his woodliness. Warming up reporters in the post-hop, Oden deadpanned that a Volunteer "... put his leg between my legs ..." and would " ... get two hands in my back." Oden cracked further with the punch line: "My butt was out for a second. I'm dead serious, too. I felt a little wind chill."

I don't know if this is all tall tales about this year's warm Ohio winter or just a bit of cooling down after the game, but think about Oden's delivery when he gets both hands in play. And, maybe Oden really is serious since he probably gets a better draw on prevailing currents.

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