Sunday, December 03, 2006


Ohio U. Says 'Nay' to Ney Nameplate, K Street Renamed

In an honorable jesture given by leftist university loons in pot smoking Athens County, Ohio -- that is, if you believe that your only source of news must be from AM talk radio just for purity's sake -- Ohio University's scraping the facade off of their PhysEd building, nee The Bob Ney PhysEd & Health Bldg, and restyling it as The OU PhysEd & Health Bldg or something similar. Ney seems to like the idea and votes 'yea'.

K Street likes it too since its denizens can temporarily pose as repentent of past ways and means to again take advantage of the peculiar short-term memory and long-term capacity, of the people and by the lobbyists, for flim-flammery and near-future filches to come. God bless America.

And may God bless K Street by its renaming as Ney Street. OU will have the old signs in storage and the taxed needn't front the $3.7 million reprint.

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