Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Military Brass Requesting Iraqi 'Re-do'

Featured on today's Laura Ingraham Show, an amplitudinally modulated recruiting organ for the Republican armed forces, was Lt. Col. Steve Russell of Vets for Victory. Col. Russell -- who claims his family members have fought in every U.S. war since independence, quickly conjuring images of Lieutenant Dan of Bubba Gump Shrimp fame and how that relates to the type of battlefield injuries those commanded have endured during the Iraq conflict -- is requesting what amounts to a re-do, or military mulligan, if you will.

Now, Col. Russell's a decorated vet and must be due his honor just as we do with those in our family and community who have also served as valorously. However, and by luck that Col. Russell's newly retired even though he claimed on today's show that he enjoys the adventure of war, we as citizens would need to remind him that the military wing of the government is still under civilian control and that he would have to stand down.

Sorry, no repeats or make-ups on this one, Colonel.

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