Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Jackie Mason: Today's Sit-in Stand-up Ingrahamic Shut-in

Don't miss Jackie Mason today as Laura Ingraham's relieving comic as he does what Laura's best at, splenic venting, while hyperventing through a litany of leftist characters presented who say "...da most disgusting(wheez), viol tings about our(wheez) great President Boosh.(wheez) And that their behavior(wheez) is abombindable and obscene."

And, Jackie, don't forget filthy and disgusting, once again. While you're at it, why not add subhuman, rats and like vermin. But, that's soon to follow. It should complete your circle quite nicely, Jack.

Of course, all are invited to become one of Laura's 365 members where you can download into your I-Pid and listen to Jackie wheezing and whizzing at an invalid clip . Sign up today! Jackie's needs 'Depends' on your listenership.

Shut up and gag, Jack.

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