Sunday, December 03, 2006


Iraqi Pulls Up Sock in Attempt to Hide Bush Chestnuts

Talk about your hotfoot! In a fast move to take the shotgunner's seat away from Cheney for the strategically-challenged George Bush, and at Americans who are willing to go for the ride, fallen elite neocon enabler and Fox News fill-in, Charles Krauthammer, claims that realism is for sissies and we must not take the "new" realistic view to "...go 'regional', engaging Iran and Syria in order to have them pull our chestnuts out of the fire" in some wussified vision of bidding diplomacy over continued war for a better chance of long-term stability. And, that Americans must 'Stay Our Neoconic Curse' at all costs until they permanently run us through and out of D.C.

Better stability than disability.

Likewise, Don Rumsfeld, architect of this season's biggest saga -- Anarchy On Every Arab Street -- and elite chestnut farmer himself, is taking his spot just ahead of the shotgunner, Krauthammer, by back-dating some memos to the N.Y. Times to demonstrate that he knows all the angles of the laundry business. The only problem is that all the socks come out shrunken and no one is able to pull them up high enough to hold all of your chestnuts, gentlemen.

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