Saturday, November 25, 2006


Spinalize Yourself and Straighten Up!

Here is an excellent exercise for balance, posture and spatial awareness that I developed as a physical therapist while working with a difficult case of a young man coming back from cerebellar meningioma. Let us say he had many hurdles to overcome.

This exercise was quantum for his rehabilitation since his gross motor function and posture improved after its first application via the integration of certain spinal nerves called propriospinal interneurons with motor centers in "the little brain" and beyond. But enough of that for now, unless you want to get into it more at 'Comments'.

By its nature, the exercise has good crossover to all and provides these benefits:

* Better balance, spatial awareness and posture as above.
* A good overall stretch and strengthening tool.
* Helps maintain the spine by applying appropriate tensions to it, its discs and connective tissues -- strengthening all.
* Helps nourish intervertebral discs; you know, the ones that blow, by setting up pressure differences in fluids. But enough of that as well.
* It's easy to do.
* Good for all ages.
* Plus more!

Here's how you do it (read below) -

While standing or sitting:

1. Rotate your head one way.
2. Rotate your torso the other way. (Reaching with the arms is an additive.)
3. Rotate your hips the head's way.
4. Repeat 1, 2, and 3, going smoothly to the other side.

That's it! You'll start to develop a rhythm and able to do all three rotations at once.

Pops and creaks don't matter if they don't hurt. You know your limits. Meet them slowly at first, then take it one further.


Abe: great article. I have enjoyed finding it through Jane's brain fitness carnival edition
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