Sunday, November 12, 2006


Is Ken Blackwell a DNC Operative?

Ion Zwitter's insightful political reporting of Bush's mid-term mauling, a big scoop that has Bush on the record declaring "Mission Accomplished" in '06, jogged a recent idea that Ken 'I was never in the race so how could I be a Dark Horse' Blackwell, Ohio So-and-So Ran, has to be a Democratic operative. This must be his key to accomplishing such party lock down.

Not only did Blackwell lose by 23 points in a go away fashion, but he was fast in swinging his wrecking ball at what was soon to be a condemned state property -- The Ohio State GOP. With such party devastation, the only explanation is that Blackwell's a saboteur for the DNC.

Or, Ken made his own house divided. Ohioans thank him. Now go away, Ken.

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