Saturday, November 11, 2006


GOP Now PAP for 'Passive-Aggressive Party'

Today's GOP needs to change its acronym to PAP. A grand old party it isn't anymore, with passive-aggressives in charge of a romper room that in their mind substitutes as a war room.

When in action, the main attribute of passive-aggressives is that they won't display their rage openly. They're the type who will try clandestinely to trip the object of their wrath with a quick sneak of a toe instead of square, face-to-face means. Now, mix this new GOP personality disorder with their old one, narcissism, and you get the arrogance that drove them to defeat both here and abroad.

And now to exhibit the brat babies, along with their acts both big and small, that tripped themselves last Tuesday. It's the same spoiled infants who were constantly lecturing everyone that it was they who were the only adults in the discussion:

Laura Ingraham and her audience. They jammed a free voter protection line in a last-ditch attempt at vandalism before scurrying out the side exit. Their free calls made sense for all of her cheap-assed listeners. Laura Ingraham -- unadulterated nastiness.

Ken "I'm holier than all except Rod Parsley" Blackwell. Ken and his flock obviously have some sexual demons running through their big heads since he felt urged to imply that Ohio Governor-elect Strickland was supportive of child molestation. Could there be a more sick crew than that bunch of bible-thumpin' freaks? Grow up and stop wanting to put your hands down your pants!

Robocall by Mehlman. Devoid of any winning strategy, Ken Mehlman opted for operational stupidity by hiring robots instead of humans to run the GOP phone line, with the result that humans where found smarter than the GOP robots employed -- to the amazement of the GOP. However, there are always exceptions to the rule with some GOP machines getting a good oiling.

GOP contributors get screwed again. That is, screwed to the tune of $3 million defending Jim Tobin, GOP felon, punk and former regional director of the RNC. Tobin, an archetypal architect of Mehlman's crank call tactical system, at least had the pleasure of serving in one of our federal prisons. So, not only did GOP backers get their money's worth in Tobin, so did the American taxpayer.

Oreo lover Michael Steele and his fill-in, Bob Ehrlich. Steele -- an unsurprisingly appropriate candidate for head GOP hood -- along with Laura Ingraham's colleague, Bill Bennett, once more resurrected their decades old hallucination of a Dem Oreo toss that fictionally honored Steele's commitment to society's disadvantaged. I guess Mikey liked the imagined gesture because his visions of the event keep popping up -- with prompting from the propagandist Bennett and buds at Salem Radio/

With Ehrlich, Steele continued his outreach to the disadvantaged by busing unsuspecting Philly homeless people to Maryland so they could pass out polling place handouts that tried to dupe Maryland voters into thinking Steele and Ehrlich were Democrats. Desperate pigs? Yes!

Of course, these are the small, childish acts of subordinates. The big ones that truly hurt Americans were reserved for our lame duck president. Let's see: The sneaky Dubai ports deal. The backdoor into Iraq. The stopping of ears ala Mad TV's Lancome Lady when faced with Iraq war intelligence estimates or anything scientific in nature. Or, the general disregard and contempt the administration showed to the other side of the aisle throughout its tantrumed tenure.

What's peculiarly interesting about these antics is that they arise from the born-agains -- that far right-winged, supposedly charismatic conservative crowd of apparently nasty people. When will the born-agains grow up.

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