Friday, October 27, 2006


GOP 'List of Reasons' Hits Point of Diminished Returns

The GOP elephants are now somewhat queued tail-to-nose as they lumber toward Nov. 7th. However, much prodding has been given to get the unruly beasts in line this time -- with limited success.

One of the recent emergency measures taken by the GOP to retrieve wanderers, other than their usual fear-mongered, place-rodent-at-foot-hoping-for-stampede approach, has been new GOP 'listings' passed out by some guy named Paul at the most-right NewsMax. These 'listings' aren't the typical lists that you would expect from the GOP. They're not 'outings' of homos, treasonists or the outright sinful, but a different boilerplate consisting of straw that their pack can grasp and gnaw on.

The list is seemingly amorphic and impervious to plagiarism. Observe how other GOP weblogs are fast in picking Paul's points and calling them their own:

Danger Management states, "The economy is kicking butt." Urban Grounds says, "The economy is kicking butt." Conservative Blog Therapy has it that, "The economy is kicking butt." The Talk Show American gets a little more verbose when adding, "The economy is kicking butt."

In North Dakota, the GOP's situation looks even more dire. It's there where you will find harried compiling on top of the already heavily oxidized plate of boiled meat cooked up by the GOP.

Taking Back North Dakota has a total of 101 reasons to vote GOP -- but only one is given along with a promise of listing completely before elections. Oddly, and possibly resulting from the spate of cloning initiatives or a little know genetic anomaly peculiar to Dakotans, Say Anything says the exact same reasoned ratio as Take Dakota's, 1/101, applies to hopes of GOP victories. Respectively, the two Dakotan's reasons for their chances are: 'The economy is kicking butt.', and, 'The economy is kicking butt.'

We'll check back to see if Dakota gives a ten-count.


TBND is no longer in operation. It merged with Sayanythingblog months ago.
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