Sunday, October 29, 2006


French Horn Detected in Blackwell Radio Spot!

Ken Blackwell's now performing his swan song through Ohio's airwaves and before Buckeyes lay him out to other pastures on Nov. 7th. Preferably, Ken will be sent packing to over-populated, hydro-diminished Naples, Florida with his ultra-rich, megachurch pastoral buddies -- like the ever-sweaty Rod Parsley -- so they all can enjoy its cooling water supply.

But before Blackwell passes over, he is attempting to take one last proselytic shot by airing majestic political radio spots that detail Ken's comparitive advantage of purity over his opponent, Gov. Strickland. But hark! What do thou hear?!

FRENCH HORNS! Thou hears french horns that accompany Pastor Ken's missives that diss eternal. This is utter apostasy -- a gravenly act! Doesn't Pastor Ken get it?

One would think Pastor Ken would have taken a more fervent tone in the ad by demanding his backgroung music scored for 'freedom horn' and not french. And, all the tongueing involved in trying to play to the fore with such a horn should have been duly considered under mega-christian standards -- not double-tongued as they were. Orthodoxy should dictate that the only tongues given should be those that trip fantastically and too easily within your largesse of charismatic confines. But, there is a way back to your fold, Pastor Ken.

The path is through the old school. Ram's horn, Pastor, ram's horn. First, pick the choicest ram. Then slaughter him. Saw off his left horn leaving the carcass to priests and the hooves for your Florida buddies to cleave. Finally, hollow horn and BLOW HARD!

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Kenny has long been the slayer of the heathenous ballot. But alas, there will be far too many heathenous ballots for even such an icon of virtue as Kenny to slay, this time.
... and the increased gathering of brethren gave a collective AMEN!
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