Friday, October 27, 2006


Casbah Catwalk - Winter Burqa Bazaar!

Sheriffs won't like it, but Abe's struttin' to town in Casbah Catwalk's Burqa Bazaar!

It's here that you'll see all the latest burqa styles with this season's emphasis on burqa head-sack eye-slit design. And all will be awed by WonderSak! So, let's start strolling down Abe's catwalk of burqas -

Discriminating eyes will surely glance your way as you complete your wardrobe in a vibrancy that befits you -

Ladies are looking to style 'in the house' this winter by choosing hot, new burqa head-sack eye-slits! Abe Linkum features the latest 'He Hate Me' line of eye-slits. 'He Hate Me' brings subtleness back to the burqa with -

The Basic

The Reflective

Reflected Sharia

You say you need a little more color than 'He Hate Me' brings? Then consider -

Shelter Filter Red


The Eva Braun

or, The Be Happy

As an exciting preview of how you'll see these great head-sacks worn come summer, Abe Linkum proudly presents the first closeted viewing of tomorrow's hottest state-of-the-art burqa material sure to catch on with those in the know - Muslim Musleen!

Not only will Muslim Musleen look great on you, but it really takes off calories, too -

Of course, all have come to see the featured garment of our show, WonderSak. WonderSak - designed by secret underground engineers for today's woman.

WonderSak's beauty is within its simplicity. The best dhimmi designers on earth have come together with a vision to transform the basic black burqa into one where people will constantly ask, "I really wonder what lovely, veiled secrets lie just beneath it all". It's that simple!

Well don't wait! Wonder no more with the awesome WonderSak!

Note: This show runs the entire week until next Friday's Ju'mah prayer session. From there, everyone's invited to the aftershow where we'll gather at the coffeehouse to plan attacks on Zionist monkeys in community centers based on what we learned at Ju'mah. Shylock Alayim.

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