Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Balloon Drop Becomes Election Factor

With the divisive and incompetent air surrounding D.C., and with little choice now given the electorate by and between two parties that luxuiate at the trough supplied by unwitting Americans, the deciding factor taken before scoring of 2008 franchises may come down to the party that performs the best balloon drop at their respective national conventions.

In 2004, the Democrats had trouble unveiling their supply of red, white and blue trial balloons at the big blast in Boston and on top of party heads. This led to wonderment of delegate face as to when they would fall -- with consequent answer via that November's ballot box.

So, in 2008, look for the party that demonstrates the smoothest release of the party balloons since other criteria to evaluate their base judgements will be lacking. Then, you'll recognize who's more slippery.


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