Friday, October 20, 2006


As Unendorsements Go, So Does Blackwell

It's difficult to kick sand in the big bully's face before Ohio sends him to sunny, Naplesian retirement beaches where Blackwell can luxuriate with megachurch buddies on campaign and chancel dollars sent for his type of support. But one must let fly after enduring Ken's use of mischievous, ham-handed, uber mis-rightiousness to snake his way up the conservative and religious right's poll of faux purity.

It can't hurt much worse than having an unendorsement performed on you right before the vote. What shall you do now, Mr. Blackwell? Maybe in the next two weeks you can imply that Ted Strickland's wife watched while Ted fondled the next door neighbor's kid. That should complete the trick.

With Ken and crew, their rear-ends always justified the means taken. Ken, good bye and good riddance!

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