Sunday, September 24, 2006


Ohio Libertarian Chickens Release New Video!

Derrik, Abe Linkum's first commentator, proved a worthy Ohio picket on post by demonstrating keen watchfulness in our approaching struggle to integrate a divided union. In response, he fired a shot at the adversary by passing vital information in a timely manner on key combinations flanking the mass. A commendation for Derrick.

His report may have been decisive, at least inertially. It details how the mass media would be forced to pay more attention to a third-party candidate if only a few percentage of Ohioans would cluck it up for that party. This is because a party shall automatically be included in debates if 5% vote for the party's candidate in the prior election. Ultimately, this would lead to a more viable and well-rounded political discourse since more would be involved.

In Ohio's gubernatorial race, the ability to throw some points to a third-party candidate has become quite easy because Ken "I'm Not a Dark Horse" Blackwell is going to pasture with what looks to be double digits, if not double decadigits. A few percentage of independent-minded and/or disgruntled Republican-minded folk who this time are with Ted Strickland should consider opting to include another next time by voting for Bill Peirce, Libertarian. This helps keep Fox out of the henhouse and improves discourse by breaking monopolies.

And heck, Strickland would still be left with a 15-17 point pad back to the paddock. By Jinks, Abe's consider'n it!

cc: Bill Peirce, Quinnipiac U.

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