Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Abe Linkum - 'The Bloggers President'

It's a Jubilee! Abe Linkum has arisen and sees a house vivisected by minority left and rightists. He intends to do something about it here at Abe Linkum, a blog that promotes Abe's vision of union.

Lincoln's strength in keeping a Union was by playing it down the middle, with his save of the sandwiched Border States being the ultimate middle metaphor. He also staffed his cabinet full of different political colors, not just blue or red. A president of the people? Indeed.

When you hear a rightie, especially a religiositistic one, start using Lincoln in an attempt to bolster argument and patriotism, then go ahead and tell 'em "Abe Linkum said yer holler's ring is holler". If a leftie says anything at all about 'The Honest One', then be surprised and throw a party.

Let the middle majority have a Jubilee, sweeping aside extremes by linking at Abe Linkum!


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